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   The church started as Rev. Albert Williams and others were burdened to reach the Syracuse area in 1947. God provided and prospered their efforts and in 1949 they purchased the land on Corkins Lane for $1000. They also purchased a building from the Ordinance Depot (ammo making?) in Baldwinsville for $1750 and moved it plank by plank, piece by piece!
   The church has had many expansive times and continued to build on the original structure. For many years the church was the home and host to the Empire State Baptist Seminary. There was a vast addition including the current sanctuary staring in 1975. Regardless of the times, the Word of God and the message of His grace was presented to the people in this place!
   The church has continued through the years… whether it was trying times or times of testimony to God’s Truth! The foundation has been laid years ago of a fellowship that teaches the Bible, is faithful unto the Father and hold fast unto the doctrines of Grace.
It is our prayer that this church continues on to carry forth the message of Christ for years to come! We invite you to be part of this wonderful fellowship as we seek to worship Christ…

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